Pedro Sanchez

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Growing up in Cuba, young Pedro Sanchez's life was all planned out - he was going to follow his father's footsteps, by studying at Cornell and eventually taking over his father's business. But when his parents lost everything in the Cuban Revolution, Pedro had to throw out the plan. And it led him to a life dedicated to eradicating hunger, while restoring fertility and protecting the tropical environment. Pedro literally wrote the book about how to farm in tropical soil, and tells Majora Carter that in rural Peru and outermost Zambia, farmers have told him - with tears in their eyes - that his book has taught them to feed their families and neighbors.


Pedro directs the Millenium Villages Project at the Earth Institute

Millenium Villages Project

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Full-length Transcript

Pedro: I was a wimp when I was a little kid. I was short, I had all sorts of asthma. And then I grew a foot in a few months, and everything changed. 

Majora: So puberty changed you? [laughs]