The Promised Land: 2010 Peabody Award Winner

In its first year on the air, The Promised Land brings home a Peabody, the longest running award in broadcasting, and among the most prestigious prizes in all electronic media. "If there’s such a thing as eye-opening radio, Carter’s series, devoted to helping her audience envision a more just, sustainable world, is it." -Peabody Committee, March 2011

It was a trophy year for public radio. The Peabody Committee also honored our friends in radio The Moth Radio Hour ["where the ancient art of storytelling is honored and expanded weekly"] and WNYC's RadioLab ["part theater of the mind, part scientific expedition"]. Two moving documentaries about human trafficking in the United States won Peabodys: Youth Radio'sTrafficked ["an investigation of child-sex-trafficking made more powerful by first-person accounts"] and WGCU's Lucia's Letter ["a cautionary composite of several Guatemalan girls' accounts of abuse at the hands of 'coyotes' hired to sneak them into the U.S."]. National Public Radio news won three Peabodys for their series of investigative reports: Covering Pakistan: War, Flood and Social Issues, Behind the Bail Bond Systemand Seeking Justice for Campus Rapes.

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