Live: A Conversation with Wyclef Jean

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In a show recorded live before an audience at WNYC Radio’s state-of-the art Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, Majora Carter sat down with Grammy Award-winning musician Wyclef Jean for a lively conversation on his work as an artist, activist, and humanitarian.

Wyclef Jean and Majora Carter

Wyclef and Hope for Haiti

Majora and Wyclef talk about how he’s created awareness of the needs of Haiti, his native country — a nation of crushing poverty and limited access to education. Wyclef talks about the childhood that inspired him to give back, and he tells Majora, “If people can feel better about their community and where they live, then they’d feel better about themselves.”


Wyclef Jean and Majora Carter

Wyclef and Yéle Haiti

Wyclef’s foundation, Yéle Haiti, has created small-scale, manageable, and replicable projects that are making a difference. He performs “Yéle,” a song he wrote whose lyrics translate as “If you have an ear, listen. If you have a mouth, speak.”

Wyclef Jean and Majora Carter

Wyclef and Giving Back

Wyclef performs a love song, “911,” for the crowd at the Greene Space. He tells Majora that for him, it’s about making the most of the time he has: “There were many people before us. There will be many people after us. In the middle there’s a little gap, and that’s where we can influence.”

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Wyclef tells his story about being the last person to talk to a friend who was shot.


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